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Are you ready to stop:

  • spending a ton of time and money on books and programs to learn about Law of Attraction and how to manifest?  

  • following all of the instructions to the "T" and only to sit and wait and wait and wait to finally manifest what you wanted: more money, the love of your life, a successful career, your dream home, exotic travel?

  • following these coaches who claim to show you exactly how to manifest your dreams only to lead you through an expensive wild goose chase that leads to nowhere? 

Then you are ready for the Envisioning Experience, a 3 week online intensive that shows you the secret sauce to how manifestation really works, so that you too can clear the blocks and create the path to become a Magical Manifestor.  

For an investment of $555, the Base Level includes:

  • Video training modules that take you on a deep dive through the material and assignments
  • Weekly group discussions to A (answer) your Q's (questions) and provide additional insight into the course material
  • Workbook with assignments and guided activities that help you discover what may be blocking you from attracting your dreams
  • Private Facebook group to connect with others and get support along the journey
  • Lifetime access to course materials

For an investment of $888, the VIP Level includes everything in the Base Level PLUS:

  • two private 1 on 1 energy shifting sessions with me (To uncover hidden blocks or resistance.)
  • FREE access to my Epic Envisioning Experience Virtual Vision Board Party, which comes with its own set of goodies including scripts, an audio download, and special activity workbook
  • Follow up 1 on 1 Vision Board Review (30 minutes) 

No matter which level you choose, you can expect to be fully supported as we go in depth through each component of manifestation during group discussions and in the private Facebook group. 

We'll open up channels to go deeper in order to:

  • get more clarity around your desires
  • discover what may be blocking you from manifesting what you want 
  • learn the tools that can break things down and shift them out of the way to open yourself fully to receiving
  • activate the power within you to create positive and deliberate manifestations

By the end of the program, you will understand how to wield your power to manifest exactly what you want.  You will feel so much lighter, clearer on your true desires, confident in your ability to manifest exactly what you want, and ready to receive without massive effort.  You can finally let go of control and KNOW that what you want is already yours! 

If you are ready to clear the way for magical manifestations to show up in your life with ease, then click a blue button below to sign up for the program.    




Biba (pronounced Bee-bah) Atta is a Manifestation Catalyst, speaker, writer, and world dominator.

She works with individuals, organizations, and businesses to clear and create pathways through which monumental awakenings can happen and success, prosperity, love, and happiness can flow. 

Biba is the creator of the Envisioning Experience, an intensive workshop, which she has hosted and facilitated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Atlanta, Georgia.  This program is an online adaptation of the live version.  Participants have reported manifesting business opportunities, career opportunities, money, loving relationships, and more.  Biba has personally brought into reality her vision of traveling to all 50 states by 40 and many countries around the world including Marrakesh, Prague, Barcelona, Paris, and other exotic places.

Biba has spoken on topics about manifestation and Law of Attraction, mindset, self esteem and self worth, travel, limiting beliefs, and how to use energy work to make life shifts.  She has spoken at and / or facilitated workshops for a number of organizations and programs including the Nicholas Love Cruise, Chasing Joy, Gems on Fire Conference at Widener University, and for the Harcum College Upward Bound Program.